I think everyone would agree that we live in a much more complex world than we did, say, 30 years ago, and it's getting more complicated by the day. Between rising gas/food prices, a globally volatile economy, terrorism, climate changes, technology, and trying to balance a family and career, etc., our hands are quite full. And, though we must address these issues head on while being flexible and adaptive, I feel that it can get exhausting just trying to keep up, and that it's getting out of control.
I'm a strong proponent of Simplicity. Yes, in fact, I find it so essential to a less stressful, happier life that I spell Simplicity with a capital "S". I truly believe that if we simplify our lives as much as possible, we can greatly reduce anxiety, and I know that our architecture can help. Instead of fussy, wasteful, complicated, over-sized, expensive floor plans that are difficult to maintain and clean, we could have simpler, user-friendly plans that better suit the everyday needs of our hectic lives. Simpler can often mean faster, easier and less costly—thus saving you time, frustration and money to enjoy more of your own interests. Imagine coming home everyday from the busy, noisy, overwhelming outside world to an inner sanctum of peace, serenity, repose, order, clarity and beauty—a place where things make sense. My family and I try to live by the saying, "Have what you need and need what you have—no more, no less, never a mess." Simplification is the great liberation for a life meant to be enjoyed!

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