Understanding the client's needs and dreams in order to create spaces that realize a common vision with the architect is the key to success! These spaces respond specifically to each site's information regarding views, climate, features, context, etc. and connect these values to the client in a beneficial and environmentally-friendly way. The life-enhancing spaces, forms, furnishings, etc. are integrated and of our own time and place with flexibility for the future. This is accomplished through open communication and careful coordination with the client and the professional team throughout the project.
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Colin Edward Slais became interested in architecture at age 11 when his family built their first home. He spent numerous hours in those formative years pouring over drawings, talking to contractors and visiting construction sites. After high school, he went on to obtain a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the highly-respected University of Kansas, then further studied in Europe. Upon returning home, he worked for a St. Louis architect until deciding to move to Phoenix in 1995 where the architecture was "new, young and vibrant!" Since then he has worked on several successful projects throughout the valley, gaining experience and skills that clients look for in a professional architect. He continues with his own practice to expand upon a reputation of top-quality work with the attention to detail that his clients and he expect.
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